This is my personal website. Originally i'm a Graphic Designer, converted to 3D-visualiser, animator and interactive-designer based in the Eindhoven area, the Netherlands. After 15 years of being co-owner of a small design-company, i'm currently employed at DDCom Technical Documentation, Visualisation and Animation, where i head up the Visualisation and Animation department.
I currently work at DDCom. At heart DDCom is a documentation company. Technical manuals, maintenance instructions, mostly aimed at after-sales. Ever since 2011 with my arrival, DDCom has started a Visualisation and Animation department. DDCom already used CAD-data as a base for its visualisation but this was only geared towards Outline-illustrations. The Visualisation and Animation department now utilises the available CAD-data to create product visualisations and animations to be used in sales, after-sales and marketing-communication solutions. This coupled with DDComs extensive technical knowhow, we build E-learnings, product-sims, teaching aids, product-selectors or product-configurators.